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Non-Traditional — Branded Content

Entrant: BBDO Germany, Duesseldorf

Smart fortwo Electric Drive

Description of the Project

The majority of drivers doubt that electric cars can be real fun. Which is wrong: when it comes to the smart fortwo electric drive, low weight is combined with high battery power.

The effect: A surprisingly powerful acceleration from a standing start. But how can we promote this feature in an unusual and convincing way?

We let the people experience the unique acceleration of the electric smart for themselves: with a game where you constantly need to accelerate from rest. smart EBALL is played like PONG.

The Difference: Our game is played by driving the car quickly back and forth. The position of the cars is tracked by lasers and brought to the screen with custom-built software. The cars turn into the controllers. And each driver can see for themselves the surprising acceleration and driving enjoyment.

The Result: 520,000 spectators watched 3,000 EBALL games within 10 days at the IAA Frankfurt, the biggest motor show in the world. 11,000 people registered themselves at our smart EBALL stand to receive further information. Countless visitors uploaded posts and videos. Blogs from all over the world took up the subject. smart EBALL is being discussed on TV and in the press.

Music/Sound Design: nhb ton, Hamburg e.w. enture Producer: Ernst Fluegel Stand Construction: e.w. enture, Munich Animation / Visual Effects: nhb Studios, Berlin Producers: Bernd Mueller/Michael Pflanz Production Company: Gahrens + Battermann, Bergisch Gladbach BBDO Live Project Manager: Sandra Gesell ANR/BBDO Creative Planner: Marie Sandberg Head of TV: Steffen Gentis Agency Producers: Silke Rochow/Julia Diehl ANR/BBD Art Director: Sebastian Forsman Art Directors: Daniel Schweinzer/ ANR/BBDO Copywriter: Fredric Antonsson Copywriter: Lukas Liske BBDO Live Group Head: Frank Haegele Creative Directors: Ton Hollander/Jens Ringena Creative/Managing Directors: David Mously/Jan Harbeck Chief Creative Officer: Wolfgang Schneider Agency: BBDO Proximity, Berlin BBDO Live Account Team: Jan Hendrik Oelckers/Sandra Gesell Agency Account Directors: Dirk Spakowski/Sebastian Schlosser/Jan Hendrik Oelckers ANR/BBDO Client Service Manager: Fredrik Pantzerhielm Client Account Director: Christoph Reichle Corporate Name of Client: Daimler AG

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