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Non-Traditional — Direct Marketing

Entrant: Leo Burnett London, London

"Pantone Queen"

Art Buyer: Leah Mitchell Agency Producer: Chris Dale Art Directors: Blake Waters/Will Thacker Copywriters: Blake Waters/Will Thacker Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall Group Creative Director: Justin Tindall Chief Creative Officer: Justin Tindall Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel Agency: Leo Burnett London, London Corporate Name of Client: Pantone
Description of the Project

An icon of style. For 60 years Her Grace has colour matched her clothing perfectly. As any Queen should.

We teamed up with Pantone to create 60 colour guide books celebrating 60 of her famous single colour outfits, with their matching Pantone reference and the date she wore them.

First we needed the official nod from the lady herself. Luckily enough Buckingham Palace loved the concept. So much in fact our Pantone Queen was made official Diamond Jubilee memorabilia, placing us in a very small group of royally endorsed products.

To gain ultimate coverage and talkability we posted the books out to influential design blogs, magazines, newspapers and designers.

Within three days of posting them out, which included a bank holiday weekend, our books were on over a million websites and blogs. With Pantone Queen trending on Twitter.

And finally the Pantone Queens were numbered from 1 to 60, and right now resting in Buckingham Palace is number 1, the Queen’s very own Pantone Queen.

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