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Silver Winner

Non-Traditional — Automotive

Entrant: DDB Tribal Group, Berlin

"Don't Make Up and Drive"

Description of the Project

Volkswagen supports the highest standards for safety on the road. An alarming figure by The Telegraph reported half a million car crashes in the UK are caused by women applying make-up while driving. We believed that it was time to raise awareness of this inconspicuous danger.

The goal of the campaign was to educate female drivers on the dangers of applying make-up while driving. Our idea was to place our message exactly where women spend time thinking about “make-up”: Haul channels (Tutorial videos on Youtube).Thats why we cooperated with one of the best-known make-up artists and entered one of her videos: Nikkie. Her channel has over 190,000 subscribers and her videos have had over 30 million views.

The video began like any other of her videos, narrating as she applies make-up, until she is suddenly flung towards the camera as if she had been in a car accident.

Since going live on Youtube, the video has had over 1,360,000 views, thousands of re-tweets and lots of blog posts. Thousands of comments prove that we’ve really got women thinking that life’s not worth risking – even for the most beautiful make-up.

Speaker: Sanny van Heteren Sound Design: Giesingteam Kai Hoffmann Editor: Sebastian Gross Post-Production Company: Pirates 'N Paradise Set: Croft Company Cameraman: Michael Schreitel Artist: Nikki de Jager Producer: Ben Foehr Director: Milo Production Company: MR. BOB Films, Berlin Project Manager: Hakan Çırak Agency Producer: Susi Schneider Art Director: Lilli Langenheim Copywriter: Valerie von Meiss Creative Directors: Marc Isken/Nils Haseborg Chief Creative Officer: Eric Schoeffler Agency: DDB Tribal Berlin, Berlin Account Manager: Christina Mueller Agency Account Director: Susanne Plümecke Client Account Director: Cornelia Kabelitz Corporate Name of Client: Volkswagen AG

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