Bronze Winner


Entrant: Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo

"Happiness Refill "

Description of the Project

Coke wanted to insert their brand among the young emerging middle-class consumers who love their mobile phones, but can´t afford a generous data plan. Moreover, in Brazil most Wi-Fi spots aren’t free. So, they created the Happiness Refill: a dispenser machine with a built-in computer that connects via wi-fi to a Coke Mobile Browser (APP). Instead of dispensing soda, it fills up mobile phones with free data credits. Through the Happiness Refill App, teenagers can use the credits to navigate the internet.

Concept: Tiago Fernandes/Pedro di Nardo/Daniel Uchoa UXD: Pablo Moura/Nasser Said/Priscila Loschiavo Project Management: Paula Santana/Emerson Silva Digital Operations Director: José Carlos Tinoco Sound Designer: Professor Pardal Sound Design Company: S de Samba, São Paulo Director: Carla Nobre Production Company: Fulano Filmes , São Paulo Design Directors: Eduardo Garretano/Pablo Moura Design Company: Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo Agency Producers: Gilberto Filho/Juscelino Vieira/Bruno Belcastro/Jô Cassiano/Moisés Richard/Eduardo Medeiros/Joao Guilherme/Antonio Neto Art Directors: Rafael Rizuto/Raphael Lucone Copywriters: Eduardo Marques/Flavio Tamashiro Creative Director: Eduardo Marques Executive Creative Directors: Claudio Lima/Fred Saldanha Chief Creative Officer: Anselmo Ramos Agency: Ogilvy Brasil , São Paulo Planner: Bruno Cunha Agency Account Directors: Leticia Arlsanian/Elaine Thompson/ Eloyse Gameiro/Mirna Abaurre Client Account Director: Adriana Knackfuss Corporate Name of Client: The Coca-Cola Company

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