Silver Winner


Entrant: DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo

"Fashion Like"

Motion Designer: Marco Loschiavo Production Company: Cricket Design , Sao Paulo Design Company: DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo Agency Producers: Pedro Rais/Joao Lopes Executive Agency Producers: Denis Gustavo Alves/Cristiane Rojas Art Directors: Caio Cardoso/Marcelo Bruzzesi/Rodrigo Ghiorzi Copywriters: Helio Marques/Flavio Reghini Creative Directors: Ricardo Tronquini/Cristian Mazzeo Executive Creative Director: Marco Versolato Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Valente Agency: DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo Client Account Director: Thais Lima Corporate Name of Client: C&A
Description of the Project

The action's purpose was to solve one of women's major problems: indecision while shopping.

The strategy was to make women leave the store with clothes that had already been endorsed by a large number of people, making their decisions more correct due to a previous 'curatorship' service.

To achieve that, we explored an already inherent habit among women, mostly when the subject is fashion: every woman loves opinions, whether when choosing clothes for themselves, or to help someone choose.

Women's indecision when choosing clothes can be solved with opinions, as they are a type of endorsement. In order for opinions to explore a great network, there is nothing better than connecting women while shopping, to opinions that could come from anywhere in the world.

We took the clothes of the new C&A collection to Facebook, a huge network of people who are already in the habit of giving opinions through likes and comments.

C&A's proposal is to be a fashion curator; therefore, providing this service is relevant both for the brand and for consumers, because in addition to being related to the brand's value proposal, it also empowers women to become curators themselves.

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