TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music Finalists

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Innovative Use of Music and Sound
Entrant Product / Service Title
PRETTYBIRD, Culver City Converse 'Warrior' view details
Music Adaptation
Entrant Product / Service Title
COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound, New York Bethesda Softworks 'Dishonored Gameplay Trailer' view details
Elias Arts , Santa Monica Hyundai 'All For One' view details
human, New York Jameson Whiskey 'Hawk' view details
human, New York Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas 'Let me Go' view details
Music Original - Song
Entrant Product / Service Title
DDB Brasil, São Paulo Follow Magazine 'Is The New' view details
DDB Tribal Group GmbH, Berlin Volkswagen Tiguan 'It Feels Good To Know You Could' view details
Noise International, Glebe Audi A1 Sportback 'Good Morning' view details
Music Original - Underscore
Entrant Product / Service Title
HEIMAT, Berlin HORNBACH DIY / Improvement Superstores 'Crack' view details
Kouz Production, Paris United Colors of Benetton 'Unhate' view details
MARCEL, Paris Cartier 'L'Odyssée' view details
Radium Audio Ltd, London Pause Digital Festival 'PauseFest Opening Titles - Equilibrium' view details
Sound Design
Entrant Product / Service Title
BleuBlancRouge, Montreal Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition 'Vader' view details
Factory, London National Lottery Good Causes 'Heroes Return' view details
Use of Licensed Music
Entrant Product / Service Title
DLKW Lowe, London Omo 'Set Them Free' view details

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