Gold Winner

Poster — Beverages - Non-Alcoholic

Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Shanghai


Description of the Project

The brief was to develop an iconic piece of communication for Coca-Cola, to reaffirm its core positioning, ‘Friendship’ amongst the consumers in China.

The biggest challenge we faced was to ensure that the message was simple enough, so that even the people in the lower tier cities could understand it.

This amazing piece of work came from a 19 year-old Art student, Jonathan Mak who is famous for the Apple logo that featured the side profile of Steve Jobs’ face, when Steve passed away.

It ran on only 30 outdoor sites in China. It generated a huge response amongst the consumers. It went viral overnight. It also got picked up and featured as the top news in most of the popular sites, locally, regionally and globally.

Because of its simplicity and great success, the Coke client has decided to run this iconic poster in America, Brazil, France, India and the UK.

Illustrators: Jonathan Mak Long/Eno Jin Graphic Designer: Jonathan Mak Long Art Director: Jonathan Mak Long Executive Creative Director: Francis Wee Chief Creative Officer: Graham Fink Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Shanghai Planner: Mark Sinnock Agency Account Director: Martin Murphy Client Account Director: Stephen Drummond Corporate Name of Client: Coca-Cola Company

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