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Bronze Winner

Print — Sports Campaign

Entrant: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, São Paulo

"There Are No Ex-Addicted", "A Light Jog", "I Knew", "I'm Addicted", "Praying to Get Out", "A Friend Offered"

Description of the Project

Nike needed to connect to young people in the world of running, but the problem was that in Brazil young people don’t run. Running is the sport for middle-aged people who start to get worried about their health. Even before starting, young people think it is boring, they are at the height of their health, they don’t need to worry about health now. The path chosen wasn’t to change running or young people, but finding the points in common between these two worlds and showing the running that no one has ever seen, in a unique, young and authentic way. Nike, Brazil, the brand has more established competitors in the running segment. But Nike has something that no other brand has: attitude. It is seen by the consumers as a brand with young attitude, capable of subverting, of going beyond the normal. Therefore, if on the one hand we have the challenge of combining young people and running, on the other we have in our favor the fact that Nike has an image with much credibility among them. Our goal was to prove that running can be a sport for young people.

Art Buyers: Edna Bombini/Jomar Farias Typographer: Mario Niveo Photographer: Caio Guatelli Head of Art: João Linneu Art Director: Rodrigo Castellari Copywriters: Eduardo Lima/Pedro Prado Executive Creative Director: Eduardo Lima Chief Creative Officer: Fabio Fernandes Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, São Paulo Planning Team: Jose Porto//Utymo Oliveira/Marcus Nascimento Account Team: Gisela Assumpção/Mayra Pellegrini/Melanie Zmetek/Caroline Poppi Agency Account Director: Marcello Penna Corporate Name of Client: Nike Magazine, Newspaper or DM: Magazine

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