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Print — Beverages - Alcoholic Campaign

Entrant: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Melbourne

Carlton Mid
"Blondes", "Redheads", "Lying Down"

Art Director: Ant Phillips Copywriter: Richard Williams Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh Chief Creative Officer: James McGrath Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Melbourne Corporate Name of Client: Carlton & United Breweries - Fosters Group Magazine, Newspaper or DM: Newspaper
Description of the Project

The “Spending too much time with your wife” print campaign is the latest work from Carlton MID’s long running Stay a Little Longer campaign. The Stay a Little Longer work has always encouraged men, who are the age of kids, mortgages and work stress, to spend a little more time with their mates at the pub drinking Carlton MID. This campaign simply highlights the dangers of not adhering to this advice. The main danger, that is particularly horrific, is that you will end up not only dressing like your wife but also looking like her.

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