Silver Winner

Radio — Innovative Use of Radio

Entrant: BBDO Puerto Rico, Guaynabo


Description of the Project

Expanding on the "Your Not You When Your Hungry" campaign we brought it to an old medium in a new and exciting way by showing the effect hunger can have on radio dj's during live broadcasting. Listeners all over the island were confused because the DJ's were playing music in their stations they would never play. For example, a rock station would start playing salsa, a salsa station would start playing rock, and a reggetaon station would start playing opera.

Music Arranger: Ricky Gómez Audio Engineer: Ricky Gómez Sound Designer: Ricky Gómez Recording Studio: Boomerang Producers: Ricky Gómez/Christopher Díaz Illustrator: Christopher Díaz Editor: Christopher Díaz Copywriter: Ilia Márquez Creative Director: José Andrés Antillón Chief Creative Officer: José Andrés Antillón Agency: BBDO Puerto Rico, Guaynabo Agency Account Directors: Glory Rosado/Hecmarylis Ortiz Corporate Name of Client: MARS®

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