Gold Winner

Radio — Innovative Use of Radio

Entrant: Maruri Gray, Guayaquil

Don't Drink and Drive Campaign
"Moment of Silence"

Creative Directors: Adrian Morano/Federico Russi/Rodrigo Costas Executive Creative Director: Daniel Perez Pallares Agency: Maruri Gray, Guayaquil Corporate Name of Client: Radio Association of Ecuador
Description of the Project

Traffic accidents caused by drunk driving are the leading cause of death in people under 30 in Ecuador. The Transit Commission asked us to raise awareness among drivers. 80% of our target audience listens to the radio while driving. We met with the Radio Association and proposed an idea.


Immediately after a fatal accident occurs the Transit Commission loads the victim’s information into a program that converts it into an MP3 that is automatically broadcast over every radio in the country so that it plays simultaneously.

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