Silver Winner

Radio — Automotive

Entrant: Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg

Mercedes-Benz: Alert Assist

Audio Engineer: David Law Sound Designer: David Law Sound Design Company: FirstLeft, Johannesburg Recording Studio: FirstLeft, Johannesburg Producers: Tanja Rae/Natalie Sutton Production Company: FirstLeft, Johannesburg Agency Producer: Natalie Sutton Executive Agency Producer: Tanja Rae Copywriters: Jenny Gover/Brent Singer Creative Directors: Jenny Gover/Brent Singer Executive Creative Director: Rob McLennan Agency: Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg Radio Station: 5FM Corporate Name of Client: Mercedes-Benz
Description of the Project

Client asked us to communicate one of their highly technologically advanced features in a meaningful and consumer friendly way. Our thinking was this: Sometimes when you’re driving your brain takes a little leave of absence from your body. Maybe it visits a beach or lives out a bizarre fantasy moment while your body drives your car on autopilot. Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist is a nifty feature that brings you back from your daydream, back to the important task of driving.

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