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Silver Winner

Radio — Foods Campaign

Entrant: Y&R New York, New York

Campbell's Chunky Soup
"Knock, Knock", "Dorm", "Poetry"

Audio Engineer: Conrad Sanguineti Sound Design Company: Phantom Audio, New York Agency Producer: Jona Goodman Executive Agency Producer: Nathy Aviram Copywriter: Robert Rooney Executive Creative Director: James Caporimo Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott Agency: Y&R New York, New York Radio Station: WFRD-FM Corporate Name of Client: Campbell's Soup
Description of the Project

Knock Knock: Letting your college-bound child raid the pantry for Campbell’s Chunky soup is the greatest act of parental kindness.

Poetry: When it comes to bridging the gap between feuding mother and daughter nothing comes close to the gift of Campbell’s Chunky Soup.

Dorm: Sure, college bound kids are embarrassed by their parents, but a case Campbell’s Chunky Soup can break the ice between them. Sorta.

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