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Silver Winner

Radio — Retail Campaign

Entrant: Rethink, Vancouver

Science World
"Sneeze", "Right Handed", "Giant Nerds"

Description of the Project

For the last five years, Science World has been making science fun using cool science facts, delivered in a crazy way — all with the follow-up promise of “We can explain.”

In this round we introduce the fictitious Hurlasaurus Wuss to promote their Extreme Dinosaurs Exhibit, we explain why wearing pants counts as a task, and we demonstrate why allergy sufferers are just so darn glum. Have a listen. And we can explain.

Art Director: Nicolas Quintal Audio Producer: Brandon Edwards Audio Engineer: Brandon Edwards Audio Company: Wave Productions, Vancouver Recording Studio: Wave Productions, Vancouver Copywriters: Stephanie Bialik/Rob Tarry Creative Directors: Ian Grais/Chris Staples Agency: Rethink, Vancouver Agency Account Director: Carrie Panio Client Account Director: Suan Teo Corporate Name of Client: Science World

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