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Radio — Retail Campaign

Entrant: Rethink, Vancouver

"By The Numbers", "Ze Name ", "Teutonic Taunting"

Audio Producer: Craig Zarazun Audio Company: Wave Audio Engineer: Craig Warrian Agency Producer: Laura Rioux Copywriter: Rob Tarry Creative Directors: Ian Grais/Chris Staples Agency: Rethink, Vancouver Agency Account Director: Cameron Walker Client Account Directors: Shelley Stevens/Kim Madu/Kari-Lynne Brock Corporate Name of Client: Playland
Description of the Project

Playland is part of the Pacific National Exhibition and operates from April to September. It is BC's premier amusement park with over 30 rides. In 2011 Playland launched The Atmosfear, a ride that takes you up 22 stories (218 feet) and spins you at 70 km/h. Because it was a brand new ride that people hadn’t experienced before we focused on how extreme the ride is. The radio campaign plays on the Austrian origins of the ride to take advantage of the association with German innovation, technology and directness. And, yes, we played on a few stereotypes to get a few laughs.

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