Silver Winner

Radio — Branded Content

Entrant: DDB China Group, Shanghai

One Foundation
"1 Minute Song For Shower"

Production Company: PHENOMENA Agency Producer: Eugenia Cheng Executive Agency Producer: George Ooi Copywriter: Hesky Lu Associate Creative Directors: Hesky Lu/Coobe Leung/Kurt Feng Creative Director: Adam Wang Group Creative Director: Shih-yen Lee Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee Agency: DDB China Group, Shanghai Agency Account Director: Steven Hua Corporate Name of Client: One Foundation
Description of the Project

CHALLENGE China as one of 13 countries that the U.N has listed as experiencing serious water scarcity. Many public service campaigns highlight Water Scarcity, but many still have not changed their behavior. The China One Foundation wanted to find an interesting way to influence people’s water consumption habits.

INSIGHT Most people love to sing in the shower, and out of every 5 people in China, 2 do this on a daily basis.
Shower singers take longer, waste more water than those who do not sing.

CREATIVE SOLUTION A song is usually about 4 minutes long, so we purposely composed a 1 minute song for The China One Foundation to launch. By reducing the length of the song, people would reduce the length of their showers. More impact to water saving, with less impact to people’s habits

RESULT: Over 20,000 Chinese people downloaded the 1 minute Shower Song. Over 5,000 participated and uploaded their own Shower Song performances. More than 30,000 Weibo users (China’s largest microblog community) committed to supporting this movement. Unexpectedly, the campaign also received over 200 new Shower Songs created by the public, of which 10 best songs have been selected and now form The Shower Songs Album.

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