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Radio — Conceived & Produced by Station

Entrant: DMG Radio Australia, Brisbane

Goodlife Healthclubs
"Skinny Jeans & Your Feet"

Voice-over: Damien Garvey/Cymone Rose Audio Engineer: Ben Clayton Recording Studio: Nova 106.9, Brisbane Directors: Ben Clayton/Cindy Donato Copywriter: Cindy Donato Creative Director: Nathan Russell Radio Station: Nova 106.9 Corporate Name of Client: Goodlife Healthclubs
Description of the Project

Goodlife Healthclubs wanted a campaign that would have instant cut through, strong engagement with the target audience and a unique sound amongst a bevvy of homogenised competitors. The concept written and conceived by Cindy Donato - Senior Copywriter at Nova 106.9 involved getting your favourite pair of skinny jeans that no longer fit to tell you to get to the gym. Another version targeting males used the feet (you haven't seen in a while) doing the talking. Recent research undertaken by Goodlife has shown amazing resonance with their core target market after both of these campaigns.

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