Bronze Winner

Radio — Conceived & Produced by Station

Entrant: DMG Radio Australia, Brisbane

Subway Restaurants
"Australia's Favourite Subway Cookie: Who Will You Vote For?"

Voice-over: Don Batte/Ben Davies/Glen Brearly/Ben Clayton/Nathan Russell/Elisha Brearly/Nelle Lee Audio Engineer: Ben Clayton Sound Designer: Ben Clayton Recording Studio: Nova 106.9, Brisbane Director: Nathan Russell Copywriter: Nathan Russell Creative Director: Nathan Russell Radio Station: Nova 106.9 Corporate Name of Client: Subway Restaurants
Description of the Project

Nova was "initially" briefed to create a local Brisbane-only campaign to raise awareness of Subway Cookies through radio and social media. After hearing the initial concept, (completely conceived and produced by the creative team at Nova 106.9 in Brisbane) Subway Restaurants were quick to upsize the concept into a national radio campaign across metro and regional stations Australia wide. The concept of Australia's Favourite Subway Cookie gave each flavour in the Subway Cookie range a unique persona. Each Cookie campaigned for facebook votes, even performing them songs as to why listeners should vote for them as their favourite. (yes, that is how we spell it down under) The campaign consisted of 60 sec spots each starring a particular cookie flavour, supported with a medley style recap commercial with a call to vote for your favourite cookie, followed by a final commercial showcasing the winner. The end result was a substantial spike in individual cookie sales and a heap of social media interaction between Subway cookie connoisseurs across the country on facebook. Listen out for writer: Nathan Russell (a short fat white guy) singing "Gladys Knight & The Pips" styled backing vocals on the Double Choc Chip commercial :) Enjoy.

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