Silver Winner

Radio — Direction

Entrant: Eardrum, Sydney

Earphone Bully
"Earphone Bully"

Audio Engineer: Michael Bates Sound Designer: Ralph van Dijk Sound Design Company: Eardrum, Sydney Recording Studio: Eardrum, Sydney Producer: Lisa Lepore Director: Ralph van Dijk Production Company: Eardrum, Sydney Agency Producer: Melissa Ashman Copywriters: Marianne Harvey/Ralph van Dijk/Ralphie Barnett Associate Creative Directors: Cristian Staal/Ralphie Barnett Executive Creative Directors: Nancy Hartley/James Burchill Agency: SapientNitro, Brisbane Radio Station: Novanation Agency Account Director: Melissa Sealey Client Account Director: Lucy Thomas (Project Rockit) Corporate Name of Client: BullyingNoWay/Project Rockit/Reach Out
Description of the Project

As most kids listen to radio stations & online audio via headphones, this immersive, ultra-realistic sound experience helps them empathize with victims of bullying. Earphone Bully uses 3D binaural recording techniques to give kids a sense of what it’s like to be bullied. More importantly, it directs them to a website with advice on how to speak out. The message was played on radio stations as one single ad break.

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