Silver Winner

Radio — Script Writing

Entrant: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney

Bundaberg Red

Production Company: Song Zu, Sydney Agency Producer: Margot Fitzpatrick Copywriters: Mike Felix/Matt Swinburne Creative Directors: Tim Green/Grant McAloon Executive Creative Director: Andy DiLallo Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Sydney Corporate Name of Client: Diageo Australia

Have you ever noticed how hesitant butterflies are to land? It’s because they taste with their feet. Imagine walking to work and tasting everything you stepped on along the way. Yes, every day is taste roulette for Nature’s confetti. Add in a short life expectancy and it’s little wonder the butterfly ends each exhausting day, with a bitter taste in its mouth. Meanwhile we humans, whose taste buds have spent their day relaxing on a soft, pink cushion, like overpriced jewelry, sip undeservedly on double distilled, red gum tree filtered, Bundy Red Rum. Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough.

Description of the Project

You may not know this but the Butterfly tastes with its feet- so it tastes everything it steps on, the pig has twice as many taste buds as humans and the Catfish has the most taste buds in the world. They are creatures with taste superpowers. These radio ads describe the tortured lives they lead because they have such sensitive tongues and then introduces humans, who despite being under qualified in the taste department, and almost totally isolated from any bad tastes, get to drink Bundaberg Red - a very, very smooth rum. It is the creatures that could appreciate Bundaberg Red the most that can never enjoy it and so we describe the rum as being as smooth as life is rough.

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