Silver Winner

Radio — Public Service/Social Welfare

Entrant: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

CDC Anti-Smoking Campaign
"Christine's Flavor Tip"

Description of the Project

Everyone knows smoking kills. But few think about what it’s like living with a tobacco-related disease. The Tips campaign shows real victims and the consequences of tobacco on their lives. From experience, they give helpful ‘tips’ on dealing with your life if smoking leaves you in the same condition.

Audio Engineer: Mike Secher Recording Studio: Soundtrack Agency Producer: Katie Harris Copywriter: Bill Girouard Associate Creative Director: Steve Tom Creative Directors: John Kearse/Bill Girouard Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston Planner: Dan Sarmiento Account Service: Paul Nelson/Faye Doyle/Lisa Johnson-Warner Corporate Name of Client: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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