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Bronze Winner

Radio — Health Care Services

Entrant: serviceplan, Munich

AOK Health Insurance Company
"Hearing Test"

Description of the Project

The AOK – Germanys biggest Health Insurance Company – knows that many people suffer from hearing problems without noticing it. Our challenge was to create a radio commercial that really makes people aware of their disability.

Therefore, we provided an extraordinary experience to the listener. With a radio-commercial that is two spots in one. A spot that sounds different to people with hearing-loss than it sound to normal hearing people. This way, we created the first hearing test on the radio.

We did so by manipulating the sound of certain words. We erased all frequencies below a certain threshold. These words could then only be heard by normal hearing people but not by people with high frequency hearing-loss. The result is, that normal hearing people are told that they have no hearing problems and people with hearing-loss are told that they suffer from hearing-loss and should visit an ear specialist.

With the unique use of the medium we provide people with a real help for their health. During the campaign calls at the AOK service hotline rose by more than 10 %. Patient frequency at ear specialists and at hearing aid acousticians rose by more than 15%.

Sound Design Company: Instant Records Ton und Medienkonzept Producer: Jörg Altner Production Company: Instant Records Ton und Medienkonzept Art Directors: Andrea Schulz/Jennifer Schwarzbauer/Sebastian Struppler Copywriters: Martin Magnet/Sebastian Wolf Creative Director: Oliver Palmer Executive Creative Director: Matthias Harbeck Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill Agency: serviceplan, Munich Agency Account Director: Caroline Zimmer Client Account Director: Armin Schoebel Corporate Name of Client: AOK Bayern - Die Gesundheitskasse

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