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Bronze Winner

Radio — Public Service/Social Welfare Campaign

Entrant: Ogilvy Johannesburg, Johannesburg

Greenpeace's Energy Revolution
"Victoria Episode 1", "Victoria Episode 2", "Victoria Episode 3", "Victoria Episode 4"

Recording Studio: Sterling Sound, Johannesburg Director: Molefi Thulo Agency Producers: Tercia Makhubela/Tracey Holme Executive Agency Producer: Sally Walland Copywriter: Molefi Thulo Creative Directors: Mike Martin/Carl Willoughby/Tseliso Rangaka Executive Creative Director: Fran Luckin Group Creative Director: Fran Luckin Chief Creative Officer: Fran Luckin Global Chief Creative Officer: Khai Meng Tham Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, Johannesburg Radio Station: Izwi Lomzanzi Radio Agency Account Director: Karmen Robinson Client Account Director: Michael Baillie Corporate Name of Client: Greenpeace
Description of the Project

Green Peace ‘Victoria’ Rationale

On 28 November COP17, The United Nations Climate Change Conference, was held in Durban, South Africa. The aim was for countries to reach consensus and draft up policies that would guide and encourage governments to amplify their efforts against climate change. As the summit went along, Durban was overrun with delegates, key stakeholders and prominent politicians, such as the President of South Africa. This created a lot of buzz. However, we found that the public remained skeptical about the impact that climate change can have. So to shed a bit of light we created a radio mini-series that depicts a future where countries go to war over a resource we all take for granted. This made a case as to why events such as these are vital and why we should all be concerned about the environment. The series flighted on a Durban station in support of the conference.

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