Silver Winner

TV/Cinema/Online Film — Best Use of Innovation

Entrant: Tribal DDB Amsterdam, Amstelveen

Philips Lifestyle Entertainment
"Obsessed With Sound"

Song Title: I’m No Prototype Music Performed By: Metropole Orkest/Jules Buckley Music Composers: Berend Dubbe/Sonja van Hamel Music Arranger: Martin Fondse Music Production Company: MassiveMusic , Amsterdam Sound Designers: Joep Beving/Cris Kos Sound Design Company: MassiveMusic , Amsterdam Editor: Nikaj Gouwerok Editing Facility: VET, London Digital Directors: Marcel Kornblum/Mark Pytlik Digital Production Company: StinkDigital, London Director of Photography: Matias Boucard Executive Producers: Marcel Kornblum/Mark Pytlik Director: Rob Chiu Agency Producers: Jeroen Jedeloo/Richard Land/Christy Wassenaar Art Director: Bart Mol Copywriter: Pol Hoenderboom Executive Creative Director: Chris Baylis Agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam , Amstelveen Agency Account Director: Sandra Krstic Client Account Director: Kelly McConville Corporate Name of Client: Phillips
Description of the Project

To demonstrate that Philips is ‘Obsessed with sound’ and claim that you can hear every detail with the brand’s audio products we created a unique interactive experience using sound, film and data visualisation. The film features the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orchestra playing a music piece entitled “I’m No Prototype”, reminiscent of 60’s car-chase TV-music.

The site opens revealing an empty orchestra pit. As the site loads the pit fills up with members of the orchestra tuning their instruments. Users are prompted to use headphones and view the site in full screen for a truly immersing experience.

The music begins. We see close-ups of musicians and their instruments, at the bottom of the screen 55 dots, each representing an instrument in the orchestra. The dots rise and settle real-time in accordance with the musicians’ performance, showing the pitch of every note being played.

When the viewer clicks on one of the dots, the picture switches to a total view, showing the entire orchestra, and spotlights that specific musician. Users can click anywhere on the screen to go back to the entire orchestra view and the full orchestra audio.

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