TV/Cinema/Online Film — Confections/Snacks

Entrant: BBDO Toronto, Toronto

"Werebaby "

Description of the Project

In last year’s successful “Touch the Rainbow” campaign we gave Skittles fans the world’s first non-technological touch technology - an entirely new way to interact with an interactive medium. But, now that people knew how to use the technology, we took it to the next level and used it to give people another new experience… not just a sequel. This year we allowed people to touch things they could never touch before through 5 online videos. “Touch The Untouchable” let people touch things like a Cyclops doctor, a Sasquatch, a Werewolf Baby, a Zombie and even a fairy tale princess.

Color: Jason Zukowski (Notch) Digital Producers: Amy Miranda/Scott Hiers Sound Designer: Didier Tovel Sound Design Company: Apollo Studios, Toronto Editor: Griff Henderson Editing Facility: PosterBoy Edit , Toronto VFX Supervisors: Erik Holmedal/Therese Kjellin/Leo Wilk VFX Company: SWISS , Toronto Post-Production Company: AXYZ, Toronto/Lunch, Toronto/Pixelpusher , Toronto Digital Production Company: Lunch, Toronto/Pixelpusher , Toronto Cinematographer: Doug Koch Producer: Dwight Phipps Executive Producers: Harland Weiss/Donovan Boden/Shawn Lacy Director: Jeff Low Production Company: OPC, Toronto/Biscuit Filmworks , Los Angeles Agency Producer: Jennifer Morrison Art Director: Mike Donaghey Copywriter: Chris Joakim Associate Creative Directors: Mike Donaghey/Chris Joakim Executive Creative Directors: Carlos Moreno/Peter Ignazi Agency: BBDO Toronto, Toronto Senior Brand Manager: Julie Leighton Director of Marketing: Dan Alvo Marketing Managers: Laura Amantea /Julia Mauer Account Executive: Bhreagh Rathbun Group Account Director: Chitty Krishnappa Corporate Name of Client: Wrigley Canada

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