Bronze Winner

TV/Cinema/Online Film — Corporate Image

Entrant: kbs+ New York, New York

Adopt US Kids Campaign
"Ice Cream"

Description of the Project

There are more than 408,000 children in the foster care system with 115,000 eligible for adoption. So the need for adoptive parents is very real.

While most potential parents want to help, many question their parenting ability. Many believe that they must be perfect in order to be good parents.

Using humor and a simple truth, creative executions remind prospective parents that they “Don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent.”

Since its initial launch, the campaign has earned more than $300 million in donated media while 19,000 families have registered on and more than 13,000 children have been placed with a families.

Editor: Joel Miller Editing Facility: Cut + Run, New York Cinematographer: Jeff Venditti Line Porducer: Elizabeth Amaral Executive Producer: Tom Rossano Director: Scott Corbett Production Company: Station Films, New York Director Integrated Content Production: Dominic Ferro Chief Integration Officer: David Jenkins Agency Producer: Dennis McKinley Art Director: Kevin Gentile Copywriter: Michael Abell Associate Creative Directors: Michael Abell/Kevin Gentile Creative Director: Will Bright Co-Chief Creative Officers: Ed Brojerdi/Izzy DeBellis President: Ed Brojerdi Agency: kbs+ New York, New York Executive Content Business Affairs Manager: Andrea Fagan Agency Account Supervisor: Gabriela Benitez Agency Account Director: Tanisha Abernathy Ad Council Advertiser's Supervisor/Campaign Manager: Allison Mantz Ad Council Advertiser’s Supervisor/Vice President/Campaign Director: Rowena Tse Corporate Name of Client: Ad Council

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