Bronze Winner

TV/Cinema/Online Film — Public Service/Social Welfare

Entrant: Publicis Brussels, Brussels

Responsible Young Drivers
"The Impossible Text & Drive Test"

Producer: Hans Buyse Director: Dagmar Duportail Production Company: Poetry in Motion Art Directors: Geert De Rocker/Sophie Norman Copywriters: Tom Berth/Eric Piette/Paul Servaes Associate Creative Directors: Tom Berth/Geert De Rocker Creative Director: Alain Janssens Executive Creative Director: Paul Servaes Agency: Publicis Brussels, Brussels Agency Account Directors: Nathalie Tavernier/Antoine de Menten Client Account Director: Johan Chiers Corporate Name of Client: Responsible Young Drivers
Description of the Project

Every year thousands of young people die behind the wheel due to texting. But how do you convince youngsters not to text while driving? Responsible Young Drivers decided to do the opposite: oblige them to text while driving! Young aspirant drivers were told they would have to pass the mobile phone test behind the wheel before obtaining their driver’s license. The webvideo shows how they reacted before, during and after taking the texting test.

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