Silver Winner

TV/Cinema/Online Film — Public Service/Social Welfare

Entrant: Publicis Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Dutch ALS Foundation
"I Have Already Died"

Description of the Project

In the Dutch ALS Foundation campaign patients explain about ALS and ask to join the fight against this merciless disease. Not for themselves, because the've already died when the commercials are being aired. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease) is an incurable disease of the nervous system, making all important muscles stop one by one. Patients die 3 to 5 years after being diagnosed. Very little is known about the cause, and scientific research is urgently needed.

Strategy Director: Gertjan Hafkamp Editor: Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas Designer: Dave Fransen Sound Designer: Robin Schlösser Sound Design Company: Studio de Keuken, Amsterdam Editors: Michael Horvers/Kim Hinrichs Editing Facility: Condor, Amsterdam Producer: Arjan Oosterveer Director: Olaf van Gerwen Production Company: In Case of Fire, Amsterdam Agency Producers: Marja Borkus/Ron Townsend Art Director: Jeroen van Zwam Copywriter: Marcel Hartog Executive Creative Directors: Marcel Hartog/Jeroen van Zwam Agency: Publicis Amsterdam, Amsterdam Agency Account Directors: Michiel van der Linden/Marcella van Holten-Beekman Client Account Directors: Eric Nolet/Weertjan Weerts/Ineke Zaal Corporate Name of Client: ALS Foundation Netherlands

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