TV/Cinema/Online Film — Beverages - Non-Alcoholic

Entrant: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Melbourne

TATA Global Beverages

Executive Agency Producer: Sonia von Bibra Art Director: Nic Buckingham Copywriter: Nick Kelly Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh Chief Creative Officer: James McGrath Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Melbourne Corporate Name of Client: Tetley
Description of the Project

Women in tea advertising are usually depicted in blissful states of calm, without a worry in the world. In reality, their days are filled with the stress of raising a family and often, juggling this with a job too. All a cup of tea really offers is a brief break from all this. A break that's small, but still definitely needed. To relaunch Tetley Tea to our audience of Australian mums, we dramatized this truth and told the story of a woman who decides to literally leave her husband – for the length of a tea break. She delivers the news with all the gravity of a serious break up. And like a serious break up her husband falls apart, as if she is leaving him forever. Somehow, in the time it takes to have a tea, we see a soulful montage of him mourning her loss, reliving their happy moments and finding strange ways to cope with being alone. After her tea she simply returns, much to his joy. The commercial concludes with the line, 'Sometimes, you just need a Tetley.'

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