Bronze Winner

Integrated Campaign

Entrant: US, Sydney

"She Runs The Night "

Music Production Company: Sonar Music Directors: Kiku Ohe/Simon Harsent Production Company: Exit Films, Sydney/The Pool, Sydney Social Media Strategist: Jamie Palme/Matt Parker Agency Producers: Trelise Caughey/Corinne Porter Art Director: Tim Chenery Copywriter: David Roberts Creative Director: Chad Mackenzie Executive Creative Director: Christy Peacock Agency: US, Sydney Agency Account Director: Kirsty Reynolds Client Account Director: Missy Capone Corporate Name of Client: NIke
Description of the Project

There are hundreds of thousands of female runners in Australia. Nike tasked us with harnessing the power of these individuals. We began by creating She Runs, a social-platform to unite these women into a community. We then asked them to share the obstacles they faced as runners. One issue ignited a debate. Women felt restricted in a way male runners weren’t. They were afraid to run alone at night.

Together with the community, we decided to act. With Nike’s support, women banded together to form night run clubs across the country. Passionate runners from the community fronted their own local recruitment campaigns across traditional and social media channels. Women began sharing their own night running stories via 'She Runs', which we turned into a short film featuring real female runners. As the community grew, we were inspired to take it one step further. We launched She Runs The Night, a 13km night race that challenged women to defy the night, together.

Our campaign united women at every touch point, igniting a conversation that inspired a race and unleashed the power of an entire community

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