Bronze Winner

Integrated Campaign

Entrant: Y&R Chicago, Chicago


Description of the Project

SCREW*D is a live, interactive reality show where Craftsman tools dropped the unhandiest person they could find in the wild. Alone. Equipping him with nothing but an earpiece and a set of Craftsman tools. Faced with extreme tool challenges in the Bayou, the Desert,and the Mountains, his survival depended solely on the advice coming in from the online tool-savvy community viewing in real-time at home. And luckily, through Facebook, twitter, and Livestream, these tool knowledge-filled handymen eagerly gave their advice when our tool-clueless hero asked for it.

Ultimately, saving him from himself.

Music Production Company: Beta Patrol Editor: Mark Panik Editing Facility: Don't Panik! Digital Director: Grant Skinner Digital Production Company: Tool Director of Innovation: Matt Witt Executive Producers: Oliver Fuselier/Brian Latt/Dustin Callif Director: Matt Ogens Production Company: Tool Graphic Designers: Richard Fischer/Thomas Nicholas Designer: Optimus Agency Producer: Kara Pierce Director of Integrated Production: Brian Smego Art Director: Richard Fischer Copywriter: Evan Thompson Associate Creative Directors: Richard Fischer/Evan Thompson Creative Director: Jon Eckman Chief Creative Officer: Bob Winter Global Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger Agency: Y&R Chicago, Chicago Account Supervisor: Priya Bordia Agency Account Directors: Kevin Reilly/Kevin Babcock Corporate Name of Client: Craftsman

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