Integrated Campaign

Entrant: Hakuhodo Kettle, Tokyo

"Memories For The Future"

Integrated Production: AOI pro Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle, Tokyo/Hakuhodo, Tokyo Corporate Name of Client: Google Japan
Description of the Project

What can Google do for the victims of the Japan earthquake?

We believe that it is the recovery of the soft, more than the recovery of the hard. The Tsunami had wiped out people's homes and their albums, photos and movies that were stored in their computers' hard drives. Thus the memories of the victims have been lost.

Our challenge was to recover the memories of the victims.

A project uniting everyone to bring back the memories lost in the disaster. First we created a website where the victims can submit a memory they want to recover. We set post boxes at 45 refuges within the disaster site, so one can submit their memory handwritten. We then uploaded that on to the website. Moreover, we spread the requests all over Japan through newspaper ads, banner ads, and TVC’s.

We made a system where people from all over Japan could react to the victim’s request by uploading photos and movies onto YouTube and PICASA.

RESULT: Over 4,890,000PV’s. More than 20,000 photos and movies where gathered. This project will keep on going. Until the victims recover their past memories, and gain hope for their future.

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