Silver Winner

Integrated Campaign

Entrant: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne

Defence University Sponsorship
"Mobile Medic"

Description of the Project

The brief was to find the best medical students in the country – students worthy of a Defence Force University Scholarship.

In order to find the best we created MEDICALLY DIAGNOSABLE ADVERTISING: that turned the advertising into the entrance exam.

MOBILE MEDIC was an integrated campaign that allowed students to use a range of techniques to identify and treat real medical conditions using their smart-phones.

Students graduated from patient to patient, in an effort to be rewarded with a Defence Scholarship. The fully augmented app immersed them in the role of medical officer, letting them use CT scanning, Angiogram, Stethoscope, ECG, and Ultrasound on real Defence Force scenarios.

After completing all patients, students entered their details and received their results. Those who performed the best were called and offered their Defence University Scholarship application.

User Experience Lead: Luke Tellefson Digital Designer: Janna Mamar Photographer: Hugh Peachy Graphic Designer: Marcus Byrne Art Director: Jake Barrow Copywriter: Matt Lawson Creative Director: Chris Northam Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson Global Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne/VML Account Director: Janet Proposch Account Executives: Chris Bush/Daniel Smith Agency Account Directors: Julian Bell/Jason Bass Client Account Director: Fiona Boughton Corporate Name of Client: Australian Defence Force

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