Bronze Winner

Integrated Campaign

Entrant: Whybin\TBWA Sydney, Sydney

Australian Cricket Team Sponsorship
"M.J. Bale - Grazed On Greatness"

Description of the Project

M.J. Bale is a new, high-end Australian men’s fashion brand. We aimed to create awareness of the brand and for its sponsorship of the Australian Cricket Team, as the team’s Official Tailors.

As the team’s smallest sponsor, who couldn’t be on the team's mainstream communications, the uniforms or the pitch, there was low awareness of both the sponsorship, and the brand.

So, we found the field where the Australian Cricket Team had its most victories, the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). We took grass from there, replanted it on a Merino Sheep farm, fed it to our sheep and handcrafted suits from their wool, now infused with victory, for the Australian Cricket Team.

Earned media coverage (broadcast TV, news, press, editorial, PR, social media) valued at over A$3.2 million (US$3.3 million).

Expansion into 38 additional new outlets natiowide. 520% increase in tailored suit orders. A phenomenal 1400% return on investment. ($14 for every $1 spent).

Unprompted, the Cricket Australia website, with over half a million visitors daily, promoted the campaign. The Australian Government committed funding for further wool innovation through the Australian Wool Board.

M.J Bale achieved the largest share of voice at campaign’s peak. All from the team’s smallest sponsorship.

Eleven PR Senior Account Executive: Sydney Spagnoletti Eleven PR Director: Rob Lowe CEO: Paul Bradbury Music: Scott Langley Sound Designer: Simon Lister Sound Design Company: Nylon Studios, Sydney Post-Production Company: Method Studios Director of Photography: Hugh Miller Director: Stephen Oliver Photographer: Gerrard Needham Art Director: Peter Galmes Copywriter: John Mckelvey Creative Directors: Peter Galmes/John Mckelvey Executive Creative Directors: Matty Burton/Dave Bowman Agency: Whybin\TBWA Sydney, Sydney Agency Account Director: Bryony Marks Corporate Name of Client: M.J. Bale

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