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Bronze Winner

Non-Traditional — Guerrilla Marketing

Entrant: DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo

ABRA - Brazilian Academy of Art

Illustrators: Carolina Gama/Herbert Loureiro/Caco Galhardo/Cezar Berje/Lese Pierre/Rogerio Fernandes/Elisa Sassi/Alexandre Vagner/Rage/Osvaldo Piva/Gustavo Victorino Design Company: DDB Brasil Art Directors: Mozar Gudin/Gustavo Victorino Copywriters: Tomas Correa/Antero Neto Creative Director: Gustavo Victorino Executive Creative Director: Marco Versolato Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Valente Agency: DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo Client Account Director: Celia Gusman Corporate Name of Client: ABRA
Description of the Project

ABRA - Brazilian Academy of Art –wanted to position itself as a school of art professionals and increase its number of students. The problem is that a lot of people think that a career in art is not profitable. Our challenge was to prove otherwise. We wanted to prove that a career in art can be profitable. We needed to show young people, who were about to choose their career, how art can add value to things.

We created an exhibit where the artwork canvases were R$1 bills which were no longer in use. First we invited artists who contributed with their artistic touch. Then we gathered everyone in an itinerant exhibit where the bills were sold for a much higher price than their original value. Thus proving that art adds value to everything and it is possible to profit from it.

90% of the artwork was sold.

ABRA was able to prove that investing in an art career and attending Art School is worth it. Without a doubt ABRA established itself as a school of art professionals.

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