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Bronze Winner

Non-Traditional — Branded Content

Entrant: Wirz / BBDO, Zurich

IKEA / Furnishing House
"IKEA Rothenburg"

Production: Marco Zuber Graphic Designers: Sarah Kahn/Tanja Jablanovic Programmers: Sam Sherbini/Ruben Frank Art Directors: Rob Hartmann/Marco Zimmerli/Rahel Nemitz Copywriters: Andi Portman/Torsten Maas/Winfried Schneider Creative Directors: Thomas Kurzmeyer/Markus Schärer Executive Creative Director: Philipp Skrabal Agency: Wirz / BBDO, Zurich Agency Account Directors: Marcel Berg/Yves Rückert/Liliane Belchior/Katja Weber/Amir Ferhatbegovic Client Account Directors: Jan Maurer/Katrin Polzer/Heike Gruss Corporate Name of Client: IKEA
Description of the Project

IKEA was building a new showroom near Rothenburg. Previously, customers in the region had a long drive to buy IKEA furniture. So we needed an idea that shows how close IKEA is by addressing local people directly and involving them in the campaign.

The new branch is already the eighth IKEA store in Switzerland. For that reason, an engaging "direct" idea was called for. We wanted to make the opening a talking point in central Switzerland and generate coverage by the local media.

The aim was to attract as many people as possible to the opening of the IKEA store.

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