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Bronze Winner

Non-Traditional — Retail

Entrant: Scholz & Friends, Berlin

Fruit Figures
"Fresh 'N' Friends Foodstore"

Food Designer: Volker Hobl Post-Production: Maren Boerner Photographer: Attila Hartwig Graphic Designers: Peter Schoenherr/Simon Rossow Art Directors: Alexander Doepel/Sandra Krebs/Bjoern Kernspeckt/René Gebhardt/Loic Sattler/Jinhi Kim Creative Directors: Mathias Rebmann/Florian Schwalme Executive Creative Directors: Matthias Spaetgens/Wolf Schneider Chief Creative Officer: Martin Pross Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin Agency Account Directors: Masa Matejic/Anna Kubitza/Sebastian Vetter/Benjamin Baader/Miriam Spahrbier Client Account Director: Martin Vaupel Corporate Name of Client: Fresh`N´Friends
Description of the Project

All adults know: healthy eating is important. The organic supermarket chain Fresh`N´Friends benefits from that situation. There is just one small problem: kids hate healthy food but they love sweets. Actually, that´s even a big problem. In Germany every fifth child is overweight. And worst of all: kids won´t listen to logical arguments. Therefore, our task was to convince the kids without lecturing them.

Instead of calling attention to that problem with a traditional ad campaign we chose to solve the problem. The solution was a new product: fruit figures. To make fruits as appealing as sweets we transformed a mix of boring fruits into funny motifs that suit children. For example fruit teddy bears, fruit kittens or fruit flowers. Just like an ordinary fruit salad they were sealed, put in a tray and sold in Fresh´N´Friends stores. To involve the kids, we placed cut-out sheets in every package. So the kids could make their own fruit figures. Or design them on the Fresh`N´Friends website. All ideas were published and judged online. The figure with the most votes was added to the product range.

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