Non-Traditional — Retail

Entrant: DDB South Africa, Johannesburg

McDonald's Kids Birthday Parties
"Lounge Jumping Castle"

Art Director: Marcus Moshapalo Copywriter: Conan Green Executive Creative Director: Grant Jacobsen Agency: DDB South Africa, Johannesburg Corporate Name of Client: McDonald's South Africa
Description of the Project

To get parents to have their kids birthday parties at McDonald's, we reminded them why they shouldn't have the party at their own homes in the first place.

We designed and built a jumping castle made to look like a lounge, including a lounge-suite, a full on entertainment centre and even finished it off with a set of fine china. All made out of jumping castle.

Above the lounge, we included a party banner that read 'Rather have the party at our Place'. While flyers including the McDonald's Kids Party Hotline were handed out to intrigued parents.

But at the end of the day, it was the kids that brought the idea to life. They proved that, unless parents want their lounge destroyed, they should - have the party at our Place.

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