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Non-Traditional — Public Service/Social Welfare

Entrant: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul

"Donating 2-Barcode Water"

Description of the Project

Korean premium mineral water, MINEWATER [mine:w?:t?(r)] launched a new campaign that cares about people who suffers from the lack of safe drinking water. Even though people have good intentions to donate, connecting to sharing action is not easy at all.

Every product, in the world, has only one barcode, and MINEWATER has two!

One is for MINEWATER which costs 1$ and the other is for African children which costs 10cents. We call this a BARCODROP which is Barcode plus drop: barcode for donating water to Africa.

The African child illustration on the bottle shows a boy seeking water which attracts an interest and it naturally induces to an action. To donate, leave the BARCODROP on and scan it, that's all. If you don't, there is an extra action, peeling the BARCODROP off, but we believe that people are not that mean.

For the first two weeks, 51% of the customers participated in donation and sales volume has increased up to 244%.

BARCODROP photo sharing is booming via social Media and now it's one of the hot trends in Korea. This idea has eventually changed the paradigm of CSR campaigns not serious and dull, but simple and fun.

Motion Graphic: Yong Suk Suh Computer Graphics: Yong Un Kim Producer: Duk Won Jang Director: Masaki Illustrator: Seungyoun Kim Art Directors: Han-Gyu Lee/Jinwoo Ryu Copywriter: Youmi Jung Executive Creative Director: Thomas Hong-tack Kim Chief Creative Officer: Ina Choi Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul Corporate Name of Client: CJ Cheiljedang Account Manager: Chanyoung Park

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