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Silver Winner

Digital — Mobile Apps

Entrant: McCann Norway, Oslo

Rimi Pluss
"Rimi Pluss"

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Digital Designers: Hanna Petrine Munkeby/Linn Wirum/Silje Gabrielsen/Espen Steinum Digital Production Company: Mediafront, Oslo/Laboremus, Oslo Design Company: Mediafront, Oslo Production Managers: Linda Vik/Ole Andre Sannes Programmers: Peter Wojciechowski/Magnus Nevestad Agency Producer: Hanne Karlsen Art Directors: Anne Mæhlum/Nina Nedreeaas/Johannes Rummelhoff Copywriter: Lillian Audunhus Creative Director: Tore Woll Agency: McCann Norway, Oslo Agency Account Director: Marit Høvik Hartmann Client Account Directors: Paal Tarjei Aasheim/Marius Zachariassen Corporate Name of Client: Rimi
Description of the Project

Rimi was the smallest grocery chain in Norway. They had to grow their market share, in competition with three larger chains. Luckily we discovered that Norwegians value time even more than money. So we developed a brand new way of shopping! Rimi Pluss is a shopping companion that allows families to write and share grocery lists between their computers and handsets. New receipts are added every day, and by clicking the desired recipe, all ingredients are added directly to the grocery list. We even re-arrange the grocery list in the same order as the products are laid out in store minimizing the time to locate your groceries and check-out.

Rimi Pluss is an integrated service that gives the customer value in all touchpoints with Rimi. All features in Rimi Plussconfirms Rimi's value proposition 'fast and affordable' by making it easier and faster to; 1) get inspiration for what to make for dinner, 2) plan your grocery shopping, and 3) do the actual shopping.

Rimi's revenue is now growing twice as fast as their closest competitors, and three times as fast as the rest of the grocery industry!

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