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Silver Winner

Digital — Visual Design

Entrant: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne

Australian Air Force
"The Paper Baron"

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Digital Designer: Kota Matsuda Technical Developers: Warwick Buzacott/Tony Polinelli Digital Director: Nick Sellars Digital Production Company: Millipede, Melbourne Director of Photography: Donna Stevens Illustrator: Lewis Allen Agency Producer: Luke Tellefson Art Director: Paul Meates Executive Creative Director: Ben Coulson Global Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne Agency Account Directors: Leah Champion/Julian Bell/Alice Mason Client Account Director: Kate Mathews Corporate Name of Client: Australian Defence Force
Description of the Project

The Australian Air Force created ‘The Paper Baron’ - a simple, addictive, iPhone game made out of paper rather than pixels.

Ultimately, it was this paper aesthetic that dictated how the game would be played. A cloud, for instance, was a ball of paper that couldn’t be flown through. And if your plane caught fire, well that was cause for celebration.

The paper landscape was tailored with iconic buildings to match the city in which you were playing, and the experience was further personalised by allowing users to create local competitions called ‘Airstrips’. Only players standing in that area could compete against one another. Distances were marked out on google maps to show how far in reality your plane was thrown. The person with the longest distance became the Baron of that airstrip - a title as crazily sought after as becoming the mayor of your local café on Four Square.

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