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Silver Winner

Digital — Visual Design

Entrant: HEIMAT, Berlin

Turner Broadcasting System Deutschland
"The CNN Ecosphere Project"

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Digital Book Designer: Jue Alt Animator: Minivegas Technical Directors: Luc Schurgers/Ralph de Haan Technical Developer: Minivegas Technical Creative Director: Minivegas Interactive Producer: Ellen Utrecht Senior Integrated Producers: James Britton/Mark Pytlik/Nils Schwemer Digital Director: Minivegas Digital Production Company: STINK Digital, London/New York Graphic Designers: Jorinde Leonhart/Jared Leistner/Alexander Suchy/Jue Alt Creative Technologist: Luc Schurgers Agency Producer: Jessica Valin Art Director: Frank Hose Copywriter: Ramin Schmiedekampf Creative Directors: Myles Lord/Martien Delgaauw Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin Client Account Director: Joerg Buddenberg Corporate Name of Client: Turner Broadcasting System Deutschland GmbH
Description of the Project

In November 2011, the UN invited delegates to discuss climate change at the COP17 Conference (17th Conference of Parties) in Durban, South Africa.

CNN wanted to make climate change topical, get people talking about the issues and drive interest to their coverage of the COP17 Conference.

CNN launched the ECOSPHERE Project: a living digital ecosystem growing on the Internet from tweets tagged with #COP17.

Every #COP17 tweet stimulated growth in one of the numerous plants representing topics like Sustainability or Carbon. The size, colour and growth rate of these plants gave users a fascinating real-time view of how the international conversation was evolving.

CNN invited people to plant a thought with hashtag #COP17 and brought the project to the COP17 Conference. Here a live digital installation connected delegates with contributions from all over the world – getting more people involved in a climate change conference than ever before.

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