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Bronze Winner

Digital — Apparel

Entrant: North Kingdom, Stockholm

ONLY Jeans
"The Liberation"

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Description of the Project

ONLY is a Danish fashion brand present on over 26 markets across the globe that targets girls between 15 and 25, North Kingdom was approached by their lead agency, Uncle Grey, and asked if they could help manifest Onlys’ new brand approach and message “Only Because We Can” and showcase the spring and summer collection 2012 through a highly entertaining and interactive film experience. The brief focused mainly on how to tell the story about three girls living their lives to the fullest, crossing boundaries and serving as inspiration for the target audience and communicating the attitude of the brand. In a way it’s a classic Cinderella-like story told in modern and playful way. The interactive aspect is really important, where the users can play around with the film and at any point find out more about the clothes worn by the models, in a very non-intrusive way and at the same time also be part and interact with key situations through out the film. The outcome is an interactive film called the “The Liberation”

Sound Designers: Johan Belin/Erik Brattlöf Sound Design Company: Dinahmoe, Stockholm Editor: Stefan Ström Editing Facility: Camp David, Stockholm Digital Designer: Jakob Nylund Technical Director: Daniel Isaksson Technical Developer: Einar Öberg Interactive Producer: Mia Wallmark Senior Creative Technologist: Karsten Loewe Kirkegaard North Kingdom- UX: Ana Cecilia Martins Digital Production Company: North Kingdom, Stockholm Camp David - Film Producer: Kristina Wibom Camp David - Film Director: Christoffer Von Reis Production Company: Camp David, Stockholm Director of Photography: Niklas Johansson (Camp David) Graphic Designers: Kenneth Graupner/Charlotte Boysen (Uncle Grey) Production Manager: Linda Brockman (North Kingdom) Executive Agency Producer: Charlotte Porsager (Uncle Grey) Art Directors: Mia Lykkegaard/Katrine Jo Madsen/Daniel Nicolajsen (Uncle Grey)/Jakob Nylund (North Kingdom) Copywriters: Mia Lykkegaard/Katrine Jo Madsen (Uncle Grey) Creative Director: Daniel Illic (North Kingdom) Executive Creative Director: Jimmy Blom (Uncle Grey) Agency: Uncle Grey, Aarhus/North Kingdom, Stockholm Agency Account Director: Lars Samuelsen Client Account Director: Niklas Andersen Corporate Name of Client: ONLY

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