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Silver Winner

Digital — Use of Social Media

Entrant: Tool, Santa Monica

Little Monster
"Take This Lollipop"

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Description of the Project

Fourteen days before Halloween, a Facebook app launched with a lollipop and the words: “I dare you.”

Once you grant permission on Facebook, you’re taken down into a dark basement, where a sweaty, lurid man logs into your Facebook page. He begins to scroll through your profile page, intensely fixated on what he sees. He studies your personal photos. He examines your friend lists. With his grimy hand, he mouses through your news feeds and personal information (The site is plugging your personal data right into the story). Ultimately, this stalker, with a menacing motive, comes after you. It’s an ominous, disturbing and thought provoking experience… a sort of twisted and frightening fairy tale, personalized.

With over 60 million visits and 10 million Facebook “likes” from around the world in thirty days, it’s the fastest growing Facebook app of all time.

Sound Design Company: Future Perfect, Santa Monica Developer: Jason Nickel Director: Jason Zada Executive Producers: Brian Latt/Oliver Fuselier/Dustin Callif Agency: Tool, Santa Monica Corporate Name of Client: Little Monster

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