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Gold Winner

Digital — Use of Social Media

Entrant: R/GA, New York

Adam Tensta
"One Copy Song"

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Visual Designers: Rasmus Keger/Morten Halvorsen Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin Creative Technologist: Alex Swidersky Copywriters: Joanna Crean/Mark Moll Executive Creative Directors: Chuck Tso/Taras Wayner Chief Creative Officer: Nick Law Global Chief Creative Officer: Bob Greenberg Agency: R/GA, New York Corporate Name of Client: Adam Tensta
Description of the Project

Adam Tensta is Sweden’s biggest hip-hop artist. A multiple Grammy winner, he sought a new way to promote his latest single “Pass It On.” But with services like Spotify, YouTube, and Grooveshark, music is accessible anytime, anywhere—so a lot of the anticipation with the release of a new single has been lost. To reignite that excitement, we helped Adam release his new single as just one –and only one– copy. One Copy Song is a Facebook app that allows only one person to listen at a time before passing it to the next person in line. Fans signed up to listen on Adam’s FB page. Once in line, they could “cut the line” by tweeting, watching his videos or listening to his other songs on Spotify. Once it was their turn, fans had only one hour to listen and could only play it once, before the song was passed to the next person in line.

Since launch, thousands have lined up to hear the One Copy Song. The song has traveled to more than 40 countries and Tensta’s FB presence has increased by 20x.

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