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Bronze Winner

Digital — Use of Social Media

Entrant: McCann Digital, Tel Aviv

Israel Anti-Drug Authority
"Drugs Set Your Timeline"

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Art Director: Nir Hersztadt Copywriter: Daniel Barak Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah Agency: McCann Digital, Tel Aviv Agency Account Director: Shibolet Alkobi Corporate Name of Client: Israel Anti-Drug Authority
Description of the Project

The Israel Anti-Drug Authority is facing a serious crisis. 1 in every 20 young adults succumbs to drug abuse and is considered an addict. Our challenge was to prevent the use of hard drugs among individuals in our target audience between the ages of 18 and 24.

The Solution:

We were contemplating how to reach this young audience in its own territory, when the opportunity presented itself– Facebook introduced Timeline, a new way of telling your life story in chronological order, a true autobiography.

We introduced Adam Barak to the world. We opened a new Timeline and divided it into 2 sections. Using the split-screen layout, Adam shows a year in his life with and without drugs, Demonstrating to our audience what their timelines are liable to look like if they abuse drugs.

The Results: Major TV stations, Newspapers and blogs worldwide covered Adam Barak's Timeline. We tracked hundreds of thousands of Tweets, Shares and Likes on facebook and tweeter. But more importantly, we started an international conversation on the effects of drug abuse.

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