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Silver Winner

Digital — Viral

Entrant: Jung von Matt, Hamburg

Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL
"The Invisible Drive"

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Description of the Project

The Mercedes-Benz F-CELL is the first hydrogen-powered car, which is ready for series production. With a spectacular action we draw a suitable attention to this innovation: We made people experience F-CELL the same way the environment does – like it's not even existent. In practice: We disguised the B-Class F-CELL with mats out of LEDs on the one side and fixed a camera on the other side of the car. The camera filmed everything that happened behind the vehicle and transferred every action directly to the LED mats. The effect: The B-Class fused completely with its surrounding and became invisible for the passersbay in the immediate vicinity.

Cinematographer: Jakob Suess Director: Daniel Schmidt Production Company: Markenfilm Crossing, Hamburg Designer: Daniel Soares Editor: Daniel Schmidt Production Manager: Tina Rentzsch Programmers: Bettina Ackermann/Christoph Schultz Art Directors: Jonas Keller/Andreas Wagner Copywriter: Michael Ohanian Creative Directors: Michael Ohanian/Jonas Keller/Martin Strutz Chief Creative Officers: Thimoteus Wagner/Fabian Frese/Goetz Ulmer Global Chief Creative Officer: Armin Jochum Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg Account Managers: Sonja Stockmann/Kete Stodtmeister/Ann-Kathrin Geertz/Nelli Walker Agency Account Director: Sven Doerrenbaecher Client Account Director: Damir Maric Corporate Name of Client: Daimler AG

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