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Silver Winner

Digital — Viral

Entrant: Y&R Amsterdam, Amsterdam

LG OLED Television
"LG Thief"

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Sound Designer: Marco Baay Sound Design Company: Postoffice Amsterdam, Amsterdam Editor: Daniël Pipito Editing Facility: Electric Zoo, Amsterdam Post-Production Company: Postoffice Amsterdam, Amsterdam Production Managers: Sandra Verbaas/Maarten van Hemmen Agency Producers: Chantal Gulpers/Denise Willigers Director of Integrated Production: Hans Knaapen Art Directors: Sheldon Bont/Nick Plomp/Theo Korf Copywriters: Lionell Schuring/Andrew Maaldrink Creative Directors: Lionell Schuring/Sheldon Bont Agency: Y&R Amsterdam, Amsterdam Client Account Director: Monique Nijenhof Corporate Name of Client: LG Electronics Benelux
Description of the Project

Maybe LG’s OLED TV is a bit too slim. In January of 2012 LG introduced the world’s slimmest television, the 4 mm OLED. The mission was to create rumour around the introduction and claim OLED. This television is so slim that, when held on its side, you can barely see it. It’s so unnoticeable in fact that a shoplifter nearly got away with it. Luckily we caught this smart thief on camera.

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