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Silver Winner

Digital — E-Commerce

Entrant: BBH London, London
"Urban Tour"

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Description of the Project

Urban Tour launches with a four-minute interactive film that brings together five of the best urban dancers from around the world. Shot in London by award-winning director Sebastian Strasser, the ‘shoppable video’ presents a new level in interactive film which seamlessly immerses shoppers in the ASOS experience. Clickable hotspots allow users to interact with the film by clicking on a particular dancer. Doing this will cause the rest of the group to freeze whilst the individual they have clicked on magically comes to life, breaking out from the main group and launching into their own performance. The surrounding environment will remain exactly the same, as if frozen in time. An ambitious technical challenge, the start and end frame of each dancer’s break out performance had to be perfectly matched to a single frame from the main performance. All the dancers have been dressed in ASOS clothing and users are able to click to buy their look at any point during the film. A non-interactive version of the film, a visual spectacle in its own right, will be seeded online to drive traffic to it.

Music Licensing: The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music Sound Design Company: Hear No Evil, London Editor: Tony Kearns Editing Facility: Peep Show Post, London Post-Production Company: MPC, London TV Directors: Sebastian Strasser/Ben Newman Digital Director: Josh Tenser Stink TV Producer: Richard Fenton Digital Production Company: Stink Digital, London/Stink TV, London Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder Design Director: Eric Chia Design Company: Addictive Pixel, London Social Media Strategist: Jason Gonsalves Agency Producers: Susan Liu/ Charlie Dodd Director of Integrated Production: Olivia Chalk Art Director: Dominic Goldman Copywriter: David Kolbusz Creative Director: Dominic Goldman Agency: BBH London, London Agency Account Directors: Ngaio Pardon/Liz Harper Client Account Director: Lindsay Nuttall Corporate Name of Client: Asos.Com

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