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Gold Winner

Digital — Navigation/Interactivity

Entrant: The Mill, London

The Mill
"Mill Touch"

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Colourists: Josh Bohoskey/DJ Miranda Post-Production Company: The Mill, London Digital Designers: John Koltai/Audrey Davis/Chris McKenzie Technical Developers: Andrew Bell/Hai Nguyen Interactive Producer: Kei Gowda Design Director: Jeff Stevens Executive Agency Producer: Bridget Sheils Art Director: Bowe King Creative Director: Sheena Matheiken Corporate Name of Client: The Mill
Description of the Project


In 20 years, The Mill has developed a stellar archive of work within the VFX industry. We needed to create an interactive, living portfolio to visually illustrate its ever-expanding body of work. Additionally, we wanted to provide a way to explore the magic behind the curtain.


Fully custom hardware and software work together to create a first in user-experience. A rear-projected 5x3 wide piece of multi-touch glass provides a window into nearly 1000 pieces of content. Built upon the Cinder creative coding framework, Mill Touch is equal parts grace and power. Users delve behind-the-scenes in real-time, perform text searches within the portfolio or explore content by manipulating a multi-million particle fluid simulation. A virtual 'lens' apparatus allows users to see before and after footage in real time. Every operation is designed to provide users with highly responsive and seamless interactions – a perfect marriage of function with fun.

And that's not all. The multi-touch glass can be switched to a completely transparent mode, allowing the user to see through the unlit pixels. The result is a stunning, holographic visual experience that is unmatched.


Mill Touch sets a new benchmark in experiential design. This IP is now in use in interactive experiences for retail spaces, high-end media labs, events and conferences for Fortune 500 brands.

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